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+86 136 5088 7457

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Printing Exhibition in Myanmar

The Printing Exhibition was held from Nov 1th-4th,2018 in Myanmar.There are so many customers from all over the world came to visit.


The Brief of Company logo

As can be seen from the picture, this Logo is composed of two capital letters Y, it is taken from our company Chinese name "Yin Yu".


Mr. Sergey's Business Visit

Our old client Mr. Sergey coming from Russia, visited our office on Aug 11th, 2017.


Company Dinner Party

Company Dinner Party on July 4th,2017


Mr.Ali's Visit To Our Office

Our big client Mr.Ali (who comes from Oman), visited our office on June 23th, 2017. Every time he visited us, he will give us order. We cooperate for more than 2 year...


Mr Shiva's Business Trip

On June 13th,2017, our India old client Mr. Shiva visited our Ink Roller Factory and made an agreement with us.

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