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Water sensitive ink

Water sensitive ink-Water based Screen Printing Ink Printing method: Screen printing. Used for : It could be used on paper PVC, PET and fabrics


Offset printing ink

Offset printing ink: Offset printing is currently the most important printing method, which is characterized by the need to use dampening solution in the printing process, s...


Welcome our client to visit our company

Thank you very much for coming to our company. We introduced our printing inks and did experiments to show Mr.Garce. He was very satisfied and bought some samples and ...


Printing South China

Welcome to our booth ! Both ADD : Hall 1.1 No.1516.


Printing Exhibition in Myanmar

The Printing Exhibition was held from Nov 1th-4th,2018 in Myanmar.There are so many customers from all over the world came to visit.


The Brief of Company logo

As can be seen from the picture, this Logo is composed of two capital letters Y, it is taken from our company Chinese name "Yin Yu".