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Mr.Ali's Visit To Our Office

Our big client Mr.Ali (who comes from Oman), visited our office on June 23th, 2017. Every time he visited us, he will give us order. We cooperate for more than 2 year...


Mr Shiva's Business Trip

On June 13th,2017, our India old client Mr. Shiva visited our Ink Roller Factory and made an agreement with us.


Our Fiji Client's Business Trip

Our Fiji client visited our Label Machine Factory from June 2nd to 10th, 2017.


Ignacio Ramirez Ruvalcaba's Business Trip

My Mexico client Ignacio Ramirez Ruvalcaba and his translator visited our office on June 2nd, 2017.


Our Manager's Birthday Party

On May 28th, 2017, we celebrated our manager Mrs Ava's birthday in our office. Mrs Ava invited his husband Mr. Andrew and their son to join with us. We ate birthday ca...


Mr.Bat's Business Trip To Our Company

Thank you so much for Mr.Bat and his wife visiting our company on May 23th, 2017.