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Customers who come from Ivory Coast visited our company on 26th April

The customers are dealer from their country. They come to our company to have offset ink, ink duct foils, cutting sticks and etc. After conversation,we can confirm the s...


Scratch card ink information

Feature High cover ability; excellent Confidentiality effect Enjoy good rub resistance Easy to scratch off The ink will roll up automatically while you scratch off; It...


YYT-660 Offset Printing Gloss Op Varnish

As an auxiliary,YT-660 Offset Printing Gloss Op Varnish used for various types of paper packaging and printing. YT-660 Offset Printing Gloss Op Varnish inside hi...


PAK-CHINA Business Forum

PAK-CHINA Business Forum Good news,our manage take part in PAK-CHINA Business Forum. Be invited of embassy pakistan,our manage visit pakistan this w...


Welcome clients to visit our company and purchasing

A warm welcome to the beautiful island - Madagascar Mr Sanoh & Mr Babou visit our company & purchasing!